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Managing and optimising Citrix Cloud Desktops

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Managing and optimising Citrix Cloud Desktops. Cycloud was formed by two very experienced ex-Citrix executives who spent much of their career working Workspace and VDI market. We noticed a gap in capabilities as the cloud market began to mature. We identified that customers were making some unpleasant discoveries about the cost of public clouds, partly because they were using the services ‘blindly’ and ‘unknowingly’. We decided to give customers tools which gave them more accurate information and control. Originally we delivered a set of provisioning services to a large UK Government customer saving them a vast amount of time and money.


Most organisations across the globe have recognized their need to centrally manage and control their desktop infrastructure. They want to ensure an agile, secure and innovative experience for their employees.

These businesses are now looking to move their on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud. They are looking to lower operating costs, focus resources on dev-ops and reduce their carbon footprint.

Running a desktop infrastructure such as Citrix or Microsoft WVD & Terminal Services on public cloud can be expensive if not provisioned properly.



Cycloud Provisioning Services has been specifically developed to ensure that cloud costs are minimized, and dynamically automated, making sure that customers only pay for what they use.

Initially we will get your on premises desktop infrastructure provisioned onto public cloud. We can then help your organisation achieve cost savings and cloud optimisation. Cycloud Scheduler and Cycloud Robotic Manager will be managing and optimising your Citrix Cloud Desktops.


We work with partners selected for their technical capabilities. Customers who are looking to benefit from a resilient solution which delivers performance and financial benefits.

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