Dynamic cloud desktop provisioning

Why pay for resources
when no one’s around to use them?

Automatic provisioning and complete de-provisioning of virtual desktops.

Automatic provisioning and complete de-provisioning of virtual desktops.

Running Citrix?

Unused virtual desktops are wasted money

Leaving Virtual Desktop’s running when you’re not using them costs you money. Even if you’re obsessively powering them down, you’ll notice your cloud credits trickling away each month.

Power management isn’t good enough!

As I obsessively ensure my VMs are powered down the same way I make sure my front door is locked 3 times before going to bed each night, my credits still get chewed away even with the VMs off!

Rory Monaghan

Don’t just power off.
Completely de-provision.

We don’t just power off your VMs on a schedule or when demand wains. We de-provision the VM entirely ensuring they’re not even in your resource groups anymore. When your VM is de-provisioned the storage is deleted along with all traces of the VM from resource groups.

You’re no longer paying for resources and your storage bill plummets.

Cycloud scheduled provisioning settings

Provisioning Scenario

Save 100hrs+/week on cloud storage costs

Staff finish work for the day. Virtual desktop infrastructure completely removed.

As the workday starts, the daily provisioning routine starts and infrastructure is restored.

Robotic provisioning adds resources when you need them


Create virtual desktops based on your organisation’s workday. Then de-provision them when they’re not needed i.e. at night or at weekends.


Constantly monitor ulitisation and performance of the desktop servers and apply policy decisions to ensure that resources are used optimally.


If resource ulitisation such as disk queuing, CPU, or memory utilization passes a set threshold provision a new VM to help handle the increased demand.


Configure VDAs for different zones to manage VMs for users across all of your regions. End-users get the best experience based on their locality.

Provisioning for both Azure Virtual Desktops and Citrix

Cycloud for Azure Virtual Desktop automates and manages AVD instances whilst saving money on Azure cloud costs. Cycloud for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops lets you extend legacy systems by deploying Citrix VDA’s on Azure public cloud.