Cloud resources the way they were promised

cloud resources the way they were promised

Perhaps it’s just me but wasn’t the brave new world of cloud computing going to solve world hunger?  Well, that’s the way I understood it when I attended all those technical and commercial seminars about cloud resources around the turn of the last decade. Actually as far back as 2008, through The 10 Laws of

How difficult can it be to develop my own software solution?

Introduction One day I was catching up with my social networks and I came across an interesting tweet from a prominent independent IT consultant who I followed and respect.  His tweet was focused on the development of software products (from various companies) but focused on comparison of products capabilities and what could perhaps be achieved

Zero Cost Storage for Cloud VDI

Introduction During my years in IT there has been a constant stream of promises from companies that go out of their way to grab ones attention but often deliver very little. Marketing is obviously needed, but it has got to the point where now I rarely get excited at outrageous claims from companies  You could