Cycloud Unified Installer


The Cycloud unified installer is a simple, intuitive user interface that provides a consistent user experience specifically for the installation and configuration of Cycloud software components. It is available as an integral part of the full Cycloud product download available from the Cycloud download section of the GoCycloud website.

Cycloud Prerequisites

Prior to running the Cycloud unified installer it is necessary to ensure that required prerequisites are installed and configured. Details of all prerequisites required can be found here.

Installation Process and Flow

Assuming that a new Cycloud system is to be installed, the following process order should be followed. This allows for a smooth, logical installation of each Cycloud component.

Special attention should be given to completing the prerequisites steps as this is crucial for a smooth installation.

Information Required

Although there is no specific information required for the Cycloud unified installer itself, each Cycloud component has information requirements listed within its own documentation, all of which can be found here.

User Interface

The Cycloud unified installer user interface has been designed to make the installation of Cycloud components as easy as possible.

The installation of required software components is also automated by running each Cycloud component from the Cycloud unified installer user interface.

After downloading the Cycloud software and unzipping it, the first thing to do is to locate the Cycloud unified installer executable file. This can be found in the root directory of the unzipped software.

Double clicking on the “Cycloud-Unified-Install.exe” file will start the installer. The first thing that is performed is an analysis of the system that it is running on. This is required in order to assess various parameters in regard the how suitable the machine is to host each component along with any potential issues that may affect the installation.

After a few moments the Cycloud unified installer user interface will be displayed. If the user interface is displayed this means that the analysis of the system did not encountered any issues. Should this have not been the case then appropriate warning message(s) would have been displayed an the loading of the user interface aborted.

The screen above assumes that there have been no issues found. The user interface is clean and self explanatory however below is a brief explanation of each area of the user interface and what it does.

The centre section is simply to indicate the order of installation and is for information only. It assumes a new installation.

Each Cycloud component can be selected by hovering the mouse over its icon. When this is done the icon will be highlighted with a coloured border.

A documentation icon is available on each Cycloud component section that opens the documentation page for each component from the Cycloud website.

There is also an information icon on each Cycloud component section. This provides details of information required by from user to install the relevant Cycloud component.

Clinking on a section of the user interface that has an active coloured border will run the relevant Cycloud component installer process however should a required software prerequisite not be present then the Cycloud unified installer will indicate this to the user by prompting the user to install it. At the same time all other component sections are greyed out.

Selecting the “OK” button will install the prerequisites for that particular Cycloud component. A visual indication of installation progress is then displayed as below.

After the installation of the prerequisites has completed the selected component section will display either a green tick icon if the installation of the prerequisites was successful or a red cross if it failed.

Following the instruction to click (in this case) the green tick success icon will return the user to the home page of the Cycloud unified installer with all sections being un-greyed and made available to the user for further selection.

Clicking on the Cycloud component again will result in the component installer loading. Again a visual indication of this is given to the user while the individual component installer is loading whilst the remaining component areas are greyed out.

Each Cycloud component installer has its own installer interface requiring different information to populate the various fields.

After each Cycloud component has completed its installation the remaining component areas will be un-greyed and made available to the user except for the component that has been installed which a greyed out icon will be presented indicating that the component has been installed. This insures that the component cannot be installed multiple times.

Event Log

Various actions are logged to the Cycloud unified installer event log. This is created when the Cycloud unified installer is run for the first time.

It can be found by running the Windows event viewer application and searching under “Applications and Service Logs”

Information that is logged to the event log include the success or failure of various prerequisites along with other relevant information.